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In the harbour of Rotterdam, the first Dutch mercantile town and now the world’s biggest port, “De Majesteit” lies under steam along the Maas River Promenade. Its beauty attracts many an admiring look. This unique, entirely authentic paddle steamer – 82 metres length-over-all, is powered by an original steam engine and lies completely ready for your party, reception, product promotion, conference, symposium or whatever you may be organising.


The past and the present meet. The nostalgic appeal of the plumes of white smoke, blown away above the silver ribbon of the river, the gleaming brass, the decadent plush and warm mahogany of the interior add an extra dimension to the modern comfort, the chic salons, the more than excellent kitchen. It’s reliving the Twenties problem-free.


This is your chance for an unforgettable experience! Create for yourself the “Event of the Year”, give your party the status of “The Talk of the Town” ! Because ….why shouldn’t you choose for the enchantment of the open water, the moveable feast of a cruise.


When you’re booking the paddle steamer for an exclusive event the rental, from the Maasboulevard in Rotterdam, is € 4.500,00 excluding VAT for a maximum of 4 hours. You can exclusively book “De Majesteit” from a minimum of 100 people. When you’re party consists of less people or the party is longer then 4 hours or if you want to embark at a different location; this is of course all possible.


At your service are our years of experience in the entertainment field, in the organisation and support of countless events. Should you wish, we can draw up – in a very professional way – a complete scenario and cost estimate for your event. Just fill in the proposal request form on this site.


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